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Fala meus queridos leitores , seja bem ao primeiro post de programação aqui do

Nessa primeira postagem vou ensinar vocês a criarem um contador de visitas simples em php e gravar em um arquivo .TXT ultilizando o comando file_get_contents .

o código abaixo lê o arquivo contador.txt e grava mais uma visita, somando com o total  anterior.

Exemplo: se ele tem 10 visitas ele vai adicionar mais 1 , ficando no total 11 visitas.

Coloque o codigo abaixo no inicio da pagina php .

// Le o arquivo txt e verifica quantas visitas exitem
$numero_visitas_atual = file_get_contents('contador.txt');

// grava mais uma visita no arquivo somanda com as existentes
 file_put_contents('contador.txt', ++$numero_visitas_atual);

Este segundo código mostra o total de visitas atual gravadas no arquivo contador.txt, você pode colocar ele em qualquer área do site, e ele mostrara o total de visitas ,lembre-se que o arquivo contador.txt tem que estar no mesmo diretório da pagina caso contrario você tera que alterar o local exemplo "pasta/contador.txt" .

Coloque o código abaixo em qualquer lugar da pagina php .

// Mostra o número de visitas atualizado
echo file_get_contents('contador.txt');


Você também pode utilizar o código junto:

// Le o arquivo txt e verifica quantas visitas exitem
$numero_visitas_atual = file_get_contents('contador.txt');

// grava mais uma visita no arquivo somanda com as existentes
 file_put_contents('contador.txt', ++$numero_visitas_atual);

// Mostra o número de visitas atualizado
echo file_get_contents('contador.txt');


Espero que este post tenha te ajudado , qualquer duvida so deixar no comentárioembaixo .

Ate o proximo post..........

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It'd be tough to put Drew Brees at the Top 5 all-time consideration considering he's just one Super Bowl success if his career finished in 2019. He 's in that conversation and will break every career record in existence, but him could hurt. These previous two years especially have been disappointing for differing reasons. Owing to his defense blowing on a miracle touchdown pass, Brees encounter came to an end in the 2018 playoffs. This year we had the controversial"missed call" which led to the Saints death. Whether he wins yet another Super Bowl or not, Drew Brees is and always will be among the greats.

Troy Polamalu's legacy is, despite sharing a cover with Larry Fitzgerald. He easily considered the player to put on the pads. He was prepared and knowledgeable about his opponents when he can cut corners in order to make the play that he knew. Not only was he a ballhawk in the passing game, but he could provide a knockout blow on the ball carrier. In a city dominated by all time defensive greats, Polamalu will have a chair at the dining table in Pittsburgh Steelers history.

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If you’ve been mobile gaming for a long time and have been on a quest for the most Pokemon-like RPGs on the platform, then you’re no doubt familiar with ZigZaGame. The studio has been one of the most prolific in trying to capture the magic of a monster-catching RPG on mobile, with varying degrees of success. In 2012 they brought us Dragon Island Blue, a competent if uninspired monster-collecting affair. About a year later they followed up with the spiritual successor Hunter Island, which was a much more consistent and enjoyable effort. Then in late 2015 they took their most recent stab at the genre with Neo Monsters, which was a high quality game in many ways but suffered by not fully deciding if it was a full-blown free to play social RPG or a more linear Pokemon-like. Now more than 3 years removed from that release ZigZaGame is back with another new monster-collecting RPG called Evertale.

The world is made up of six different regions, each of which has different monsters to collect. You’ll also explore a wide variety of cities and dungeons.Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of heroes that will join you on your quest, complete with their own back stories.The entire single player experience is offline, so you can play it without a connection. However, you can jump online at any moment to participate in some PvP. Battles against other players take place in real time, and you can join guilds and compete in a variety of leagues. There are even online events to participate in.If you are in lack of Evertale Soul Stone, visit our, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

The classic RPG features a huge open world to explore. Gamers will join unlikely heroes, the Crestbearers, and free the world of Erdren from the evil Pandemonium.There are more than 180 different creatures and warriors you can collect, train, and evolve. Each of Erden’s six unique regions has different monsters for you to collect.Along with a single-player story, there is a well-designed multiplayer option.You’ll be able to build a strategy from a number of different ability combinations. Then you can take on others in turn-based 4v4 battle.There are a number of real-time PvP leagues where you can form collaborations with and uncover special items.Weekly events will also offer exclusive items and characters to add to your collection.
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Resultado de imagem para bolo de chocolate


1 xícara de chá de leite 

2 colheres de soa de margarina 

1 xícara de chá de óleo de soja

2 unidades de ovo

2 xícaras de chá de farinha de trigo

1 xícara de chá de achocolatado em pó

1 xícara de chá de açúcar

1 colheres de sopa de fermento químico em pó


Coloque os líquidos  no liquidificador e bata ate misturar bem.Coloque os outro ingredientes sendo o fermente por ultimo.Leve para assar em forno médio,numa forma untada e enfarinhada.

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New Yeezy 2020 performed at the Man of the Woods Tour in Paris with the Air Jordan 3 Quai 54 Friends and Family Edition. Compared to the regular release, the model is White. DJ Clark Kent let us take a closer look at the outline. Its leather upper is decorated with bright neon lights, exuding Parisian style and international street basketball culture.This version uses a white upper to flip the black release color and uses the same color details on the midsole fixed feet.
Take a closer look at this New Jordan 2020. The upper is made of white leather. At the same time, the neon details are found, representing the international street basketball style of Paris. Unlike the retail version, the latter will be paired with a black upper.Celle-ci stands for Air Jordan 1 Quai 54 et joue encore and sura'symétrie. Two-tone and two-tone French Caucasian combination. Suede and Cu Chi, outre le jeu de couleurs in the Cote region, France. Quant au logo Quai 54, the most visible language.
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Jack Wilshere admits he is unsure if he will ever play for Arsenal again. Wholesale New Balance Shoes . The 24-year-old, who has been recalled for England after his impressive performances on loan at Bournemouth this season, says he does not know what the future holds beyond this term.Wilshere insists a loan was the best option for him after Gunners boss Arsene Wenger failed to offer him first-team football guarantees, and believes Bournemouths different approach is benefiting his fitness.Despite his affection for Arsenal, having graduated from the clubs academy, Wilshere admits there may come a time when he will have to consider leaving the club on a permanent basis.  Jack Wilshere talks to Sky Sports about his future plans with Arsenal Its difficult for me to say because I love Arsenal and Ive had great times there, and theyve been great for me, and I can still see myself playing there.But who knows what the future holds? Ive got a year left when I go back there.At the moment Im just trying to have a season where it puts me in a good position at the end of the year, Im improved as a player and Arsenal want me back, and well see where we go from there. Jack Wilshere insists he has no issues with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger I always thought to myself of course I love Arsenal but if there comes a time where I have to leave, then I have to leave, you know? If I go back and Im not going to be playing, then, of course, I have to think about things.But at the moment Im concentrating on Bournemouth. I want to put myself in a position where I go back next year and Im a better player, and Im fitter, and I can prove to people I can play week in, week out, and Im ready for the challenge.Wilshere, who has played over 100 Premier League games for Arsenal but spent almost the entirety of last season out with injury, insists he has no issues with manager Wenger.And the midfielder says he would be delighted if the Gunners won the title in his absence. Jack Wilshere has impressed for Bournemouth on loan this season Jack Wilshere has impressed for Bournemouth on loan this season I spoke to Arsene before I went to Bournemouth and he said I would play, but I wanted more than that, he said. I wanted to be an important player for the team and play week in, week out - from the start - and I just got the feeling I needed a change if I was to experience that.I spoke to him on the phone, I didnt speak to him in person, so it was hard to tell (if he wanted to keep me). I said to him I wanted to play and hed already had a feeling that I wanted to go on loan because my agent had spoken to Dick Law (contract negotiator), and I think hed had the chance to think about it, and when I spoke to him he said its fine.I knew that theyd got a strong squad this year, they were in a good position when I left, so of course I want them to win the league. For the manager, especially, Id be delighted.I know that he really believes in that squad and hes worked hard over the years. Hes taken a lot of stick from people but I think thats always been his goal. Its the Premier League, hes working towards that and theyve got a great chance this year. Also See: Wilshere among nine to train alone Wilsheres Arsenal career is over Wilshere back in England fold England snub convinced me to move Wholesale New Balance For Sale ., for the next three years with the signings on Monday of Daryl Townsend and Michael Carter. Cheap New Balance Sale . Miller finished in two minutes, 6.09 seconds, one day before the first medal race on the Alpine schedule. The 36-year-old American also turned in the top time in Thursdays opening training session. . JOHNS, N. NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- P.K. Subban certainly knows how to make an entrance, especially with a team more than happy to help manage his arrival in Music City.The Nashville Predators took their new All-Star defenseman on a whirlwind trip around town that featured Subban jumping onstage at a renowned honky-tonk to belt out Johnny Cashs Folsom Prison Blues. Then the Predators introduced Subban to reporters and a few fans Monday in their first chance to show off the man they picked up last month in a big trade with Montreal.Subban said the past few weeks since last months trade have been filled with mixed emotions.Theres no question that Im head-over-heels excited about this opportunity to play here in Nashville, Subban said. Im excited about our team. Im excited about our city and Im most importantly excited about the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup. Thats what this is all about. Coming here is not a popularity contest. Coming here is about helping this team to win and win a championship. Thats what Im here to do.The Predators and Canadiens stunned the NHL on June 29 with Montreal swapping Subban for Nashvilles captain and fellow All-Star defenseman, Shea Weber. Nashville has been lauded for getting the better end of the deal with Subban having just turned 27 in May while Weber turns 31 in August. Montreal has been criticized for trading away the 2013 Norris Trophy winner and a fan favorite who pledged $10 million to a childrens hospital last year.Subban said he had an amazing relationship with the Montreal fans but promised they will learn to love Weber as both a great hockey player and person.Obviously leaving Montreal is emotional for me, Subban said. I have a lot of relationships there, a lot of great ties, and Ill be connected too that city forever. Cheap Wholesale New Balance. Now its time ... Christmas Day is over, its Boxing Day and its time to move on.Subban was vacationing in Europe when the trade occurred. He used this quick trip to Nashville to meet general manager David Poile and some of the teams employees. He has yet to sit down with coach Peter Laviolette and his assistants to find out what they want from him. Subban ate lunch Monday with new teammates Ryan Ellis and Mike Fisher and now has all his new teammates phone numbers.Nashvilles new defenseman lacks Webers size at 6 feet and 210 pounds. But Subban has more points (202) than the 6-4, 236-pound Weber (180) over the past four seasons. The Predators wanted to add Subbans offensive skills to Laviolettes scheme in which defensemen are encouraged to join the attack offensively to better compete in the Central Division, where they finished fourth.The Predators lost to San Jose in the second round of the playoffs in seven games.Hopefully, were either creating more offense and scoring more goals but for sure not spending as much time in our end, Poile said.Subban already has had fans asking for his autograph and coming up to talk to him. He was in Nashville for All-Star weekend last January, which gave him a chance to get to learn about his new home a bit.I remember leaving, saying, Wow! I didnt know people were so passionate about hockey here, Subban said. It is a hockey city. Im really excited to be playing here right now. Its different. Its definitely different from Montreal but different in a good way. I look to embrace everything about this city and definitely embrace winning. ' ' '
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Let's dive in:Players have been pretty much been requesting for your Stormwing X-4 plane to become vaulted because it has been such a dominant, yet overwhelming drive in year 7 so much, however Epic is attempting some nerfs instead.Knockback from airplane damage was reduced 70%. The airplane will take 50% more damage buy fortnite items pc when hitting constructions and its damage reduction whilst boosting through constructions is no more 50 percent, but just 25%.Plane machine gun spread has been improved by 75 percent (!)

Plane spawn rates are now 80% rather than 100% so they won't always be where you believe there are 20 percent of the time.Planes now can not fly above the build limit, which was a bug.These are a few significant nerfs, and that I think that the spread of this plane's MG is going to be a pretty huge deal as it's practically doubling its aerial inaccuracy. Players have more recourse to fight back with not as much fortnite materials equipment buying sites. This is going to be interesting.

As many are railing against the new device that is anti-building another fan-requested change . And some changes are made:Boom Box fall rate was decreased by .Boom Box wellbeing.

The burst AR was vaulted as well, although it was mentioned that the Six-Shooter has been vaulted. Well, three variations of this, the variations. FAMAS versions that are rare and the epic are still live. Epic seems to eventually vault their"old layout" weapons, which the first burst AR is similar to the first SMG, so we might just be viewing a visual redesign in a few point.Dual Pistols have been unvaulted with no apparent stat changes, thus we'll see how applicable those are in the present meta today.

Usually there is a weapon at the peak of the list in terms of relevant patch updates, but not this week. The suppressed sniper is an epic/legendary that has a little less power but it creates noise as a result. You're still going to be able to one-shot similarly into the bolt-action though with 100/105 harm and a huge headshot multiplier, and I don't imagine this is going to be especially gamechanging.

Mmogo has the most game currency and items, the fastest delivery speed, welcome to!

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gatolandia Livros

Todos os gatos querem ir para gatolandia .

Gatolandia e um lugar aonde tudo e feito para gatos , tudo e em formato de gato, as casas , os bancos os mercados , os carros tudo que voce imaginar .

Todos os gatos sao amigos uns dos outros , em muitos lugares os caes são nosso inimigo mais aqui me gatolandia , eles vive em armonia com todos os gatos.

ja estava esquecendo , me chamo bryan !

as vezes temos que deixar no passado algumas coisa para que venha novas coisas boas .

hoje vivo aqui no gatolandia . mais nem sempre vive aqui , vou contar para vocês como eu cheguei aqui .

quando eu nasci fui abandonado na rua , em um dia chuvoso ,e frio , me lembro como se fosse hoje , era ao lado de um dentista  no estacionamento ,  muitas pessoas passavam e nao me dava nem atenção , mais depois de algum tempo passou o BOB , que estava indo pra o dentista ,ele foi ate o dentista e na volta ele me viu e eu ja estava com muito de tudo e todos , foi dificil ele censeguir me consencer a ir embora com ele mais depois de algum tempo ele me convenceu.

quando cheguei em minha nova casa corri para de baixo da cama e me escondia em qualquer lugar aonde eu coube-se .

Foram uns dos dia mais felizer da minha vida , logo apos perder o medo de sair eu comecei a explorar ,os locais de fora . da minha nova casa foi aonde conheci alguns dos meus amigos .entre eles o meu melhor amigos o FREDE . 

gatolandia Oct 5 '19, 11:37PM · LIKE: 3.67 · Tags: gatolanda
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