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World of Warcraft is like a society in a game. You will meet many new friends and even find your own love in the game. As your relationship deepens, you may begin to meet in reality and become true friends or lovers. To this end, Azeroth Continental must establish a reasonable social system, which needs to reflect the real world to a certain extent, but the main purpose is to enhance the player's love of the game through social interaction, so that they treat Azeroth Continental as their Second home.

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With the release of WoW Classic, this question was raised again. Because when players return to the original World of Warcraft again, they may not be able to tolerate those intelligence requirements, especially those who skipped from modern WoW. Most players are most concerned about Rank 14 grind, as Rank 14 in PVP granted a special title, special armor and weapons, and a whole lot of clout. And Blizzard needs to explain and explain these systems.

Gonzales said that they have talked to players about systems that could have a significant impact, including Rank 14 in PVP. And they said that the core of WoW Classic is to reflect the greatest degree of authenticity, whether it is from large systems like PvP or the number of chairs in the capital, you can clearly see this.

Although you can see different beautiful landscapes in various areas of the mainland of Azeroth, in fact it is a place full of danger, and you can feel the hostility from the mob at any time. What you need to do is to strengthen yourself from the beginning, keep exploring new areas, and challenge new enemies to gain a sense of accomplishment.

Of course, to improve player fun and provide a better social system, the development team has made some changes to the challenge-you can now fight with friends. Don't be afraid. Take the challenge bravely. The best way to eliminate fear is to face it. When you reach level 60, you will face the epic challenge in the game, Molten Core raid. This raid allows up to 40 players to form a team, and defeating all bosses takes hours. When you finally pull down Ragnaros, you can invite friends to eat together in the real world, or go on vacation. MMOWTS is best Cheap WOW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

WoW Classic has not changed much compared to Vanilla World of Warcraft, but this does not mean that it is an outdated old game. Since 15 years have passed, those former players have undergone various changes.


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