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The digital transformation has drawn a drastic shift in many industries, including the investing market, which has compelled old traditions to encompass modern techniques and evolutions. Business leaders now have to relinquish old methods and need to adopt Big Data Consulting to get out of obscurity.

Impact of Big Data 

Big data has propagated enormously in the last few years and has made significant developments in the investment industry. Combination of a tremendous amount of information is known as big data, and filtering this overall information to give meaningful results is data mining.  In the last few years, the diversity and quantity of data have experienced impressive growth.


Now the work is to integrate the information and make it available for productive use. With the evolution of software platforms, this task is becoming easier and faster for massive amounts of data.  This means, now investment will be accessible to people who are not analysts or financial specialists.  Anybody can begin an investment account online with minimum investment. 

Prospects and Shortcomings of Analytical Investing

The key benefit of analytical investing is that psychological errors are eliminated. By removing human errors, the system remains entirely fact-based. Analytical programs focus on specific criteria for finding out the best type of investment for the business. Investors can minimize their transaction and maximize their returns by utilizing virtual tools for discovering the investment proposals. Earlier, investors would hire a broker an advisor for implementing an investment plan with their recommendation and support by paying them a commission.

The drawback of this investment method is that investors still don’t trust the computerized analytics and find it useful to hire an advisor for financial study and planning. Progression of the digital industry also impacted the advisor market by making the human involvement in the investment industry less of a requirement. So the advisors have to glorify their working with better customer service to maintain their status in business.


Advancement of Robo Advisor

The Robo advisor is algorithm based virtual program that provides investment advice by utilizing the information gathered by the clients and automatically help them to invest after selecting a particular plan. This technology is showing much advancement and is only a decade old. In recent years, with more precise information, AI, machine learning and big data use, robos are providing superior recommendations. It is not difficult to envisage a future where investment advising will be obtained solely through an app on your device that you can access anywhere and anytime.

Final Thoughts

In the upcoming years, technology will transform the working of the investment industry from head to toe. The people involved in this industry have to stand out in exceptional and unique ways to make them superior to Robo advisors. For example, local market retailers cannot compete with Amazon for their competent pricing. Similarly, the advisory industry should look forward to some distinctive services to stay pertinent in the industry.

Having this excellent technology is truly beneficial for the investors in terms of saving time and money. So, are you planning your investments? Try big data consulting to get the best out of technology, having more superior results.  ExistBI offer services in the US, UK and Europe. 


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