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Portable crushing plants, as a new type of crushing and screening processing equipment born in response to the development of the times. This portable crusher plant has realized the qualitative transformation of the traditional crushing mode, solved a series of problems such as complicated infrastructure construction, site selection, artificial employment in the early stage, simplified the crushing and processing, and processed in a more efficient and intelligent way, which can be called a sharp tool for crushing production and processing in the new era!

Portable crusher can integrate feeding, crushing, screening and transportation, and it is not afraid of the severity of processing environment where it needs to go. It can be shown in the following aspects:

1. Easy to Match
The portable crushing station can be equipped with corresponding crushing equipment according to the production needs to form a movable crushing production line, and one or two vehicles can be used to carry the required crushing related equipment.

2. Easy to Move
Tthe portable crusher can be divided into tires and tracks according to different frame types. The tires are driven by the front of the car and the tracks are driven by themselves. During the production operation, the crusher can directly reach the material stacking area for crushing processing. The operation is stable and safe, without the auxiliary fixation of infrastructure construction.

3. Convenient Production
The whole equipment adopts a fully intelligent control system, with centralized electric control cabinet and remote control device to operate and monitor the equipment, which can avoid the inspection and commissioning of equipment operators, not only saving the time of equipment startup and shutdown, but also saving labor and improving the efficiency of production.


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