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This iteration of the jordan shoes 2019 features a white leather upper and neon trim to capture the Parisian spirit and international street basketball culture. Retail pair wearing black leather upper.Justin Timberlake's "Man in the Forest" trip landed him at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France. In that game, he snapped up some unreleased Air Jordan sneakers, and most of us People will never be able to move. In the "Friends and Friends" version, he was found on the stage together with the Air Jordan 3 Quai 54.
New Yeezy 2020 performed at the Man of the Woods Tour in Paris with the Air Jordan 3 Quai 54 Friends and Family Edition. Compared to the regular release, the model is White. DJ Clark Kent let us take a closer look at the outline. Its leather upper is decorated with bright neon lights, exuding Parisian style and international street basketball culture.This version uses a white upper to flip the black release color and uses the same color details on the midsole fixed feet.
Take a closer look at this New Jordan 2020. The upper is made of white leather. At the same time, the neon details are found, representing the international street basketball style of Paris. Unlike the retail version, the latter will be paired with a black upper.Celle-ci stands for Air Jordan 1 Quai 54 et joue encore and sura'symétrie. Two-tone and two-tone French Caucasian combination. Suede and Cu Chi, outre le jeu de couleurs in the Cote region, France. Quant au logo Quai 54, the most visible language.


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