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Although the number of players in World of Warcraft has been steadily declining compared to before, World of Warcraft still has close to 5 million subscribers. For Blizzard, this huge community group can be divided into small groups with different goals. How to please millions of people is the first Cheap WOW Classic Gold issue that Blizzard game designers need to consider.

Recently World of Warcraft designer Ion Hazzikostas responded to player comments in the official community. Many players have posted in the community indicating that the value of certain items in the game is beyond the control of supply and demand, and Blizzard has not taken corresponding measures to address this issue. According to the post by Hazzikostas, the fundamental contradiction hidden behind this problem is the difference between the way developers and players understand the game, and the differences in concepts have led to various basic problems that appear on the surface. Whenever I need to use WOW Classic Gold in the game, I always think of ZZWOW, where I can buy cheap and secure WOW Classic Gold. If you need it, you can visit ZZWOW's official website.

Hazzikostas' view is based on the fact that what everyone wants most is not necessarily the same. But in games with a large number of players, people often choose to ignore this fact, and most people think that what they like and pursue is also what everyone in this game wants.

The development of World of Warcraft is obviously not to meet the needs of a small number of players. Blizzard's goal is to simultaneously target different groups of players through a variety of different methods. This is why more and more new gameplays have appeared in World of Warcraft, which has become another game compared to Vanilla World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is never a narrow game, and people with different interests can find his favorite among different gameplays.

Some of players raid. Some of players participate in PvP. Little touch Mythic raiding. Little of players do rated PvP. Some have several max-level alts. Some of players do pet battles, roleplay, list things for sale on the auction house, do Challenge Mode dungeons, and the list goes on. In fact, for most players, the main activity content of World of Warcraft is questioning and level-up dungeons, but some people still think that those activities are a nuisance that they have to get through in order to reach their preferred endgame.

World of Warcraft is the sum total of all those subjective experiences, but its Vanilla WOW Gold players often regard their own as definitive. This is magnified by the social and cooperative aspects of the game, which mean, "players tend to make connections with others who favour a similar playstyle ... So when there's a change, or a feature, that is aimed at a portion of the game that isn't your personal playstyle, it's easy and in fact natural to have the sense that 'everyone' dislikes it.

In the end of the post, Hazzikostas said that they did listen feedback, but the main reason the development team could not respond in time was that they heard too many different voices from groups of players.

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